Elementary and Secondary School Emergency Relief Funds

To help schools prevent, prepare for or respond to COVID-19, the US government passed three major laws appropriating funds to schools.  Commonly known as ESSER #1, ESSER #2 and ESSER #3, this federal funding has allowed the Westbrook School Department to do many things to help students that we would otherwise not have been able to afford.  At the center of these these plans have been an upgrade HVAC systems, the purchase updated cleaning equipment,  provide 1:1 instructional technology to every child to support remote learning, and the ability to hire a number of teachers and support staff to reduce class sizes, provide targeted interventions and provide social emotional supports.  Our plan was created based on the recommendations from the extensive and inclusive return to school task force, regular virtual community forums since the start of the pandemic,  and surveys of our community, staff and students.  To see Westbrook's plans, please click on the link PANDEMIC FUNDING on our website.