367 Saco Street / Westbrook, Maine 04092 / Tel: (207) 854-0807

Mission Statement

The Westbrook School Transportation Department is dedicated to providing safe, effective service in a professional manner serving the students and community in conjunction with the district’s educational mission.

Not sure what elementary school you student should attend? 

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Students in grades Kindergarten through fourth grade should attend the elementary school in their residential district. 

Student Transportation Form

At the beginning of the year, a transportation form will be sent home in the first day of school packet. It is important to fill out this form as it will update your student's transportation file. For all new students in district, please complete the transportation portion of the online registration. If you are making changes to an existing student that need to take effect immediately, PLEASE contact the Transportation Office at (207)854-0807.

Policy EEA - Student transportation Services

The School Committee will provide transportation for all students living beyond a reasonable distance from their school or from a scheduled bus stop as defined by the School Committee. 

This distance is defined as follows:                


Per Federal Guidelines

Grades K through 4

.3 Mile

Grades 5 through 8

.5 Mile

Grades 9 through 12

1.5 Miles

Melissa Foye
Director of Transportation

Denise Watts
Administrative Assistant

Stacy Shugars
Clerical Support