School Closings & Emergency Information

The Westbrook School Department currently uses School Messenger, an automated system, to send out important information to families, including school closings

Please keep your phone numbers and email addresses up to date with your student's school so that you will continue to receive this information. 

We look forward to communicating with you throughout the upcoming school year!

Peter Lancia, Ph.D.

Superintendent of Schoolsā€‹

Pest Management

Annual Pest Notification

The Westbrook School Department uses an Integrated Pest Management (IPM) approach to the control of insects, rodents, microorganisms, weeds and other pests in school buildings and on school grounds. IPM combines a variety of methods for managing pests including monitoring, improved sanitation and food storage practices, pest exclusion and removal, biological control, and pesticides. The objective of the IPM program is to provide effective pest control while minimizing pesticide use.

Important Emergency Contact Numbers

Westbrook Police Department  (207) 854-0644  In an EMERGENCY dial 911

Westbrook Fire & Rescue Dept (207) 854-0654   In an EMERGENCY dial 911

Northern New England Poison Control 1-800-222-1222